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Choosing the Right Clerical Staff in Healthcare

radiology clerical staff

Choosing the right clerical staff can make or break your healthcare business. Patient service is important to all healthcare services including radiology sites located in both public and private organisations. The importance of repetitive business, quality of service and a company’s reputation relies heavily on staff and their initial introduction to the company.

Clerical staff are usually the first and last point of contact for patients leaving a strong impression. They play a vital role in a patient's experience which should begin with a professional welcoming the patient. Personalised service reassures patients and provides them with a sense of importance or recognition creating a calm atmosphere in the waiting room. Professional clerical staff help to generate repeat and referral business.

Professional well trained clerical staff can also minimise disputes and resolve conflicts before they escalate. An example of avoiding dispute or confrontation can include staff notifying patients of billing policies and Medicare rebates prior to a procedure or scan.

Delivering excellent service also requires maintaining the expectations of patients. Over promising can reduce service quality and negatively impact your company. Well trained clerical staff know how to manage patient expectations.

 The face of your company is important which is why clerical staff should be acknowledged for their great work and listened to when providing feedback or recommendations to improve a patient's experience.

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