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The Benefit's of a Locum

Locum Sonographer, Neville is experiencing the locum life by travelling from Queensland and through South Australia to reach his final destination in Western Australia. Travelling with his family, Neville is enjoying the benefits of being a locum by visiting new destinations and participating in different adventures prior to starting a contract. The locum life is a great way to see and explore Australia! 

The Benefit's: 

Flexibility: You have control of where and when you would like to work as most imaging providers can be flexible with dates and are happy to work with your preferences. 

It is not permanent: If you are not enjoying a locum contract, you can choose not to return. A locum contract enables you to experience the practice, the team envionment and location before committing to other contracts. 

Competitive hourly rate: Most locums earn a higher hourly rate than a permanent employee. As a locum you can negotiate on a higher rate that is suitable to your experience and skill set. 

Personal benefits: Your accommodation and travel are organised for you and provided by the imaging provider or MG Recruit Imaging. Travel can include return economy airfares or reimbursement of fuel if your preference is to drive. 

Travel: Free travel! An opportunity to visit your favouraite places within Australia and do the things that you most enjoy. 

Skill development: By working in new locations you are exposed to learning new techniques and will be working with different types of equipment, therefore your skill set will improve and you will gain further confidence in your speciality. 

Positive attitude: Minimal stress as you are not involved in internal politics. 

Family Time: Families are encouraged to join you and clients will provide accommodation that is suitable to your family. 

Work life balance:  You can decide when to take time off between contracts so you can enjoy the location and also select your preferred hours which provides you with the perfect work life balance lifestyle.

At MG Recruit Imaging we have interesting and exciting locums available at any time of the year for Radiologist's, Sonographer's and Radiographer's that are located throughout Australia. For further information or a confidential discussion, please contact Monique Gilbert on 0410 108 668 or email,  



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