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Why Request a 3D Mammogram


3D Mammogram

Combining 3D Mammography into breast screening programs could detect more cancers whilst reducing false positive results. Breast screening is used to identify breast cancer in women who have no physical symptoms in the hope of detecting cancer early which will provide women with better outcomes and less invasive treatment plans.

3D Mammography is very similar to the traditional mammogram and requires the same breast compression however the main difference is how the x-ray is taken. The 3D mammogram creates a series of low dose images at different levels of the breast to assist in identifying a breast cancer that may be hidden. On a regular Mammogram, the cancers can be difficult to detect because the images are taken at the top, middle and bottom of the breast which means breast tissue can overlap when using the regular 2D Mammogram.

Breastscreen Australia offer Australian women free mammograms for women aged 40 and over every two years who do not have any symptoms of breast disease. 3D Mammograms are available throughout Australia and studies have confirmed that it is 40% better at detecting breast cancer than the traditional digital mammography.

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